API-Plate is the best Recharge Software Company in India, providing the most reliable and secure recharge software over the Decade. In today’s fast paced life, everyone is busy to get their job done as soon as possible. People prefer to turn online and get their recharge done instantly. Such a scenario can be helpful for your business growth.

Recharge System is a complete package to start mobile recharge business anywhere in the world. Adhoc Softwares has a strong client portfolio. As a software company, our software package includes Mobile Recharge Software, Multi Recharge Software, Mobile Top-up Software, Android Apps, Online Recharge Portal, prepaid wallet platform and B2C application, etc.

  • Prepaid
We provide you with the option of upgrading to a prepaid connection, which provides consumers with a simple system structure for recharging on any network they are linked to. You can restore your multi recharge software system whenever and anywhere you want, as long as your plans allow it.
  • Postpaid
We provide you with the option of connecting to a post-paid network, where clients can swiftly pay for their network services after fully enjoying them. You may recharge your mobile app or devices in a single step using API-Plate’s  recharge software services.
  • DTH
API-Plate technologies recharge software development also allow customers to their DTH recharge from the comfort of their own homes through our online website services, with no disruption to their DTH service. You may also save your online transactions for later use and take advantage of numerous discounts.
  • Landline

By recharging their landline bill on the API-Plate technological platform, customers can now take advantage of a variety of long-distance calling services. You won’t have to wait much to recharge your landline device because partnering with us speeds up the process.
  • Electricity
There’s no need to sit in the sweltering heat when you can pay your electricity bill online instead of kicking yourself for not going to the electricity office. Enjoy uninterrupted services by recharging your electricity bill while at home or anywhere else in this world with own mobile recharge software.
  • Broadband
The bill for broadband services can also be paid online, where consumers benefit from quick payment availability inside a safe transactional process, as well as exciting offers from API-Plate.
Following are the benefits of Multi Recharge Software –

1. Works with all operators available in India

2. Fully equipped backend and database support

3. Covers all over India with online recharge business

4. Quick and relatively fast mobile recharge service

5. Assist you with DTH recharge and Data Card recharge also

6. Online Wallet System that helps you to maintain one account for all recharges

7. Accuracy Of Data

8. 99% success ratio that create trust among customers

9. No physical top-up and recharge cards needed

10. Profit Increased based on the number of transactions

11. No need to maintain minimum balance in wallet

12. Freedom to create Unlimited Super, distributors and retailers to work for you

13. We Can Custumise Development On Demand.

14. All Types Of API will Intigrate On Demands