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Multi Recharge Software  Some Important Features

  •  Websites, Softwares, Android Applications, IOS Application
  •  Easy way, Safe, Secure, Trusted .
  •  Business Development Services, Marketing Services
  •  Unlimited Master Distributors.
  •  Unlimited Distributors.
  •  Unlimited Retailers.
  •  Unlimited API Users.
  •  Unlimited Virtual Balance.
  •  Integrate Unlimited API.
  •  Your Name Website .
  •  Your name APP (on Google Play Store ).
  •  Support Ticket Option.
  •  Robotics System .
  •  Set commission According to You.
  •  24/7 support
Mobile recharge Software


  • Easy & Instant Mobile Recharge

    API-Plate provide clients with a simple & straightforward mobile recharging transaction method so that they can have an excellent online experience with us and get the most out of our services. With API-Plate’s own mobile-recharge software, all of your online working processes run smoothly and quickly while remaining within a reasonable price range.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    There are various locations where multiple online payment options are available then why not with us? We are always up to date in our Online-recharge software development. As a result, we offer all mobile recharge app with commission, allowing them to recharge their electricity, broadband, landline, mobile, and any other device quickly and easily.

  • Online Convenience

    API-Plate technologies provides Multi-recharge software development to provide a unique, convenient environment for its clients & help them better comprehend the terms and conditions of using online mobile recharging services. The website also allows customers to follow the methods and terms of using an online maintenance system at any time and from any location

  • Available 24*7

    Our staff of professionals are available to its consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are continuously on the lookout for the best solutions to assist our customers in resolving their questions and issues that have hampered their experience with our recharge software services.