Start AEPS Service and Earn Extra Income

Amount Slab Incentives
INR 1000 to 1999 upto 1.6
INR 2000 to 2999 upto 3.85
INR 3000 or More upto 10


Fee & Process:-

  • Activation Fees = 199/-
  • Complete your form with KYC
  • Your Id Start 10-15 working days if KYC completed

How Adhaar Payment (AEPS) Works?

  • API-Plate Partner registers for AEPS Adhaar based payments and installs a biometric authentication devices attached to his payment terminal or Smartphone.
  • The device which is supposed to be certified by the government becomes the payment terminal.
  • Customer provides his thumb print to authenticate his identity and allows the transaction to go through.
  • Customer’s account is debited and merchant’s API-Plate wallet account is credited in real time with the purchase amount.
  • Customer walks away with cashless purchase.


Note:- Documents must be completed as per RBL norms & AEPS Process.

How Earn 4time Extra Income with AEPS &API-Plate Wallet

  • Instant Commission with API-PlateWallet
  • Load money in TMW & earn extra income upto 0.5%
  • Load money in Mobikwik & earn extra income upto 0.3%
  • Get extra reward points from TMW
  • Get super cash from Mobikwik
  • Now earn again by adding/reloading this money in CSC/Emitra/Wallet Refill and provide all services of CSC/Emitra and of API-Plate to Masses



5. Instant AEPS activation :- 

API Plate active you all services just in 5 minutes. when you submit your video kyc and inform us on our whatsapp helpdesk number 8877662421 and active your all services on call

More Important Features :- 

  • Full Secured website and app
  • Mobile App and website both platform available
  • IMPS Payout system
  • Best Support
  • Video Kyc For Service activation.
  • High Success Ratio