Adhaar Pay API

Benefits to customers

  • No need for a smart phone to make payments
  • No need to remember PIN & Passwords
  • Customer ease, easiest way of cashless payment
  • Pay from any Aadhaar enabled bank account
  • No security issue as payments are done through biometric authentication
  • No need to carry cash.

Transactions on Aadhaar Pay:

  • Aadhaar number & bank account.

Aadhar Pay API is a payment system which allows merchants to collect payments from a customer using his Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. in Aadhar Pay API transaction flow

Features of Aadhaar Pay API

  • Inter-operable
  • Instant transfer, 24X7 availability
  • No peripherals required for customers to make payments like cards and smart phone
  • Secure and safe as it is based on biometric authentication.

Benefits to merchants

  • Seamless fund collection from customers
  • Lower Transaction charges
  • Safe and secure
  • Instant account to account fund transfer
  • Increased customer satisfaction as process saves time
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Eliminates cash handling cost and risk.
  • API-Plate Adhar Pay API is best API resellar
Aadhar Pay API

Transactions on Aadhaar Pay :

  • Smartphone (Aadhaar Payment App) with reliable data connection or POS system enabled, Fingerprint Scanner (Biometric Device), ICICI Bank Current Account.